Time for a little of introspective musings. Maybe it will do some good to vent some steam. It certainly can’t hurt right? So here goes… I am fast approaching the completion of my first year at my ‘new’ job, which is a very different change of pace to what I was used to before. There’s… Read more

The Gatekeepers get Salty

The other day I was treated to a most entertaining rant via one of my YouTube videos (that discusses the stance of gatekeeping in the Star Trek fandom and why I oppose it). One ‘Milcoll73’ thought the best way to demonstrate that gatekeepers are not elitist, quasi-religious fanatics and snobs was by behaving exactly like an elitist,… Read more


Tonight’s Doctor Who was, considering the general age group the show is aimed at, one of the most hard-hitting, powerful pieces of television I have seen for a long time. Not content with rattling cages by having a female Doctor, the writers composed an episode that serves as both a reminder of how far we… Read more

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