The Warlord P3

Seluban clung to the desperate thread of new, revolutionary knowledge that flooded his brain, even as Confederation ships tightened the noose around his fleet. To order a retreat was unfathomable, yet to permit himself to die in the Sol system, Seluban would invite the further destruction of additional Chon’ith fleets. It was a flash of… Read more

Feeling Rough

I was going to make a video today (I still might), but right now, at this exact moment, I feel pretty darn awful. A colleague of mine came to work with a heavy cold and, as per the norm, this has spread. My nose is running, I feel foggy, and generally speaking I have little… Read more

Pushing the Forums Yes, I am pushing the forums all of a sudden – why? Because communication and interaction and discussion are the fountains from which ideas and learning come from. If you want to take part, please sign  up and we’ll take it from there!

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