Favourite villain!

This is certainly easier than the last question! Who is deliciously villainous enough to qualify for this honour?

Gul Dukat from DS9 springs to mind. He was always scheming and plotting, doing everything he could to elevate himself. He wanted his people to be strong and if that meant placing them in the clutches of a tyrannical regime then so be it.

Dukat is winner here, but an honourable mention goes to Ward from Agents of Shield. He was a very different villain, at first motivated by misplaced loyalty, and then revenge. He was single-minded and ruthless, something that made him almost unstoppable at times.

There’s a certain poetic nature to this. My personal journey toward Star Trek Beyond began with Star Wars: The Force Awakens some seven months ago, and on the day that I saw Beyond, it was announced filming has wrapped on Episode VIII. The circle continues.

This is also a film tinged with sadness. It’s the first Star Trek film since the passing of Leonard Nimoy in 2015, and the last time we’ll see Anton Yelchin as Chekov, as he was taken from us far too early in a tragic accident.

Does the film pay due deference and respect to the Star Trek saga, in a fashion that does all involved and those lost credit? With 2016 marking the 50th anniversary of this adventure, can Beyond, as part of a reboot maligned in some quarters, do justice to the Star Trek legacy?

In my humble opinion, it succeeds. We are given a story that manages to be both sweeping and intimate at the same time. It offers links to other elements of Star Trek in subtle ways, and gives us little insights into the hearts and minds of these characters. It is difficult to do so properly in a two hour movie, but we experience the weariness of a crew that has spent three years in deep space, and when their backs are against the wall, we see what the characters are made of. We see how a crew is defined not by the ship, but by each other. Their faith in one another, and their willingness to sacrifice for each other, is what makes a crew a family, and every character is prepared to make that sacrifice.

It’s also a voyage of rediscovery. Kirk and Spock in particular have their reasons for feeling tired and jaded, but they find their passion for what they rekindled by their experiences of the film.

I’m sure not everyone will like it, and I might even attract criticism for daring to say this, but Star Trek Beyond is a better film than The Force Awakens, and I dare say is one of the best Star Trek films. I rate it 9/10.

Being the Nintendo nut that I am, I am currently eagerly awaiting next March. Nintendo have confirmed their new console, codenamed ‘NX’, will launch then.

What Nintendo haven’t done is release any concrete information on their new gadget. There have been snippets here and there – including the distinct possibility of switching back to cartridges, and some talk of a console/handheld hybrid – but Nintendo have by and large kept details firmly under wraps.

Part of this great secrecy is reportedly out of concerns that tipping their hat too soon will allow rivals Sony and Microsoft to exploit the concept. Nintendo have suggested the NX will be quite different to what’s out there, but how and to what extent we don’t yet know.


A big release for the NX will also be out in March – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The trailer for the Wii U edition painted a spectacular picture of a game epic in scope, and we can only assume the more powerful NX will only add to the beauty of the game.

I’ve written before about what I feel Nintendo need to do to ensure success. They need to make the console attractive to third-party developers. There’s no reason why they can’t marry their home-grown titles with established franchises.

I swore to myself I wouldn’t be doing this, but every so often I’ll read something from this guy that requires a response. So here goes (be warned, his post contains some,colourful language):

This month I have been following up on the controversy surrounding the 2016 “GhostBusters” or should I say “NuBusters” movie.  I have watched some negative reviews of that monstrosity on YouTube and thus vow to never see it.  I know that I could be called a “sexist”, “misogynist”, or “men’s rights activist (MRA)” for being critical of this feminist movie.  The problems with NuBusters just about have absolutely NOTHING to do with it being a all female GhostBusters team and instead with the plot and how the movie is overall piss poorly written etc.  I used to like GhostBusters when I was a kid and this movie ruined GhostBusters just like NuTrek ruined TOS.  NuBusters is very hypocritical in that it is racist and very sexist against men, it is just as bad as Cool Cat which I covered in my previous journal.  I strongly recommend that you don’t watch bad movies such as NuBusters, Cool Cat Saves The Kids, or Titan A.E.  Sorry Titan A.E, your “there can only be one savior” plot is a mixture of cow jizz and rhinoceros diarrhea and my HG Wells’ The Time Machine flashlight spin-off will rebel against that sick philosophy.

He hasn’t seen the film yet already calls it ‘racist and sexist’ and is equating the film to feminism, which suggests a lack of understanding about what feminism is. An argument out of ignorance is no argument at all – I would argue the trailer doesn’t help the film (some of the humour in the trailers seems very forced), but at least forming an opinion based on a trailer makes some sense – letting other people’s reviews determine your impression of a film is like letting someone tell you what food you like.

Since I haven’t seen the film, I can’t speak for the alleged racism or sexism in it, and it would be very interesting to see whose been writing these reviews.

back on topic, I loved the old 1984 GhostBustersmove and the GhostBusters cartoon series when I was a minor and the 2016 NuBusters film defiles it.  I bet that Anita Sarkeesian (aka Feminist Frequency) LOVES NuBusters since I heard that she hates the genuine GhostBusters for having a all male team in it, but fuck her!  I have to say, that if you like NuBusters, then you are an fucking retard!  Sorry Anita, I prefer the classic 1984 movie and cartoon series over your NuBusters.

Wow. A lot of anger directed toward a film he hasn’t seen, and a very judgemental attitude towards anyone who does like it. Sadly, this is not the first time I have observed this behaviour from this person.


Day 21 is ‘favourite recurring character’.

There are two contenders, both from Deep Space Nine. Dukat is a duplicitous, wily schemer, who wants to regain his place of power over the Bajorans. He irrationally believes they owe him, for apparently ‘looking after’ them during the Cardassian Occupation. His duels with Captain Sisko and Major Kira make for some compelling viewing, and he’s one of the most interesting villains Star Trek has ever had.

Damar is a great example of a character who starts out quite insignificant, but in the end, holds the key to preserving an entire way of life. He starts out as a sidekick to Dukat, but events push him into a much more important role, and further events lead to him starting a rebellion.

Between the two, I’m going to pick Damar, as he is a fantastic representation of the evolution of a character, from nobody, to despot, to hero.


F1 returns after a short break, and the venue is the Hungaroring, Hungary.

The last two races here have produced incredible races. In 2014 Daniel Ricciardo showed excellent opportunism to take his second career win, whilst last year Sebastian Vettel leapt from third to first going into the first corner and kept his head as those around them lost theirs.

This year, Hungary marks the effective restart of the championship fight between Hamilton and Rosberg. Just 1 point separates them and so there is all to play for. There is however, the wildcard element here of the Red Bulls, which will perform well on a track featuring plenty of winding corners.

Ricciardo will feel he should have won at least once this season, whilst Max Verstappen is bullish and determined. Whilst the title fight is between Rosberg and Hamilton, the Red Bulls could yet introduce a chaotic variable to this battle, that will certainly make things more interesting.

Ferrari come here on the back of a difficult season thus far. Vettel’s win here last season has to rank among one of his best, but it’s hard to imagine a repeat.