Newton Faulkner

Yesterday evening was one of those rare occasions where my wife and I got to go out as a couple and enjoy ‘date night’. To make things more fun, we got to venture into London! Being a geek I took advantage of this opportunity to snap some pics of beautiful London stations – and some… Read more

Gatekeeping Episode IV

The blocked out word is one I hate using but it’s a very crude expletive, for those who are wondering. I don’t particularly care for the sentiment expressed by the tweet this ‘John’ is replying to, but the grossly offensive remarks by Mr Price and his subsequent attitude when challenged, is exactly the sort of… Read more


Now don’t get me wrong. I’m grateful that the eternal winter is over (or appears to be over). I’m no longer using my thick winter coat and today walked to work without any coat whatsoever. That’s a win in my book. Unfortunately the consequence of bright sunshine has been two-fold – work has been very… Read more

The 2018 Chinese Grand Prix

My previews so far have suggested certain performances from certain teams and drivers. They have been pretty much useless. Case in point, Shanghai, China. This one was a slow burner, but ended as a classic. Qualifying produced a second consecutive Ferrari front row lockout. Kimi Raikkonen was close but Sebastian Vettel was able to snatch… Read more

F1 2018 Round 3: China

It’s that wonderful time when Formula 1 races take place on consecutive weekends – everyone has packed up from Bahrain and quickly relocated to the Shanghai International Circuit, near the city of the same name, for round three of the 2018 season. Once again we have a venue with different characteristics to the two previous… Read more

The Gatekeeping Continues

Hot on the heels of this post, comes another terrific example of the Star Trek fandom’s problem with gatekeeping – I’ve plucked only three tweets, but there are plenty more from this guy. He’s actually inspired a video for my YouTube channel, which delves further into this murky set of ideas. That’s like saying you… Read more