The Idazmi7 Responses – Part 4

It’s fair to say that so far Idazmi7 has not distinguished himself as an especially well-informed debater. It would seem sophistry and blatant falsehoods are the order of the day.
Below are some more choice arguments to come from his Youtube videos- firstly from this one: 
The Death Star wouldn’t destroy the Enterprise if it’s deflectors were on full, but the shot would easily cripple them from the overload. The Death Star likely wouldn’t be able to fire another shot before the fleet destroyed it. That’s assuming, of course, the Enterprise crew is stupid enough to just *sit* in front of a giant beam cannon.
Here, we have a serious attempt to argue the Enterprise could withstand a Death Star blast. That’s right, apparently the Enterprise can withstand a planet-busting weapon, even though we see plenty of instances where far lower firepower can knock out or penetrate Federation shields.
In ‘Survivors’, The Enterprise’s shields are knocked out by two 600GW bursts. That’s two 0.5 megaton blasts. Does Idazmi7 really believe the Death Star is less powerful than the Husnock warship in ‘Survivors’? Even the chain reaction numbers I’ve seen given for the Death Star are far higher than the laughable idea that Idazmi7 is suggesting.
How so? In the TNG episodes “Inheritance” and “Legacy” Enterprise-D drilled into a planet’ crust in mere seconds, and imploded a planet’s entire mantle by accident! In DS9 a small Klingon Bird of Prey can destroy all life on a planet by itself, down to the DNA, and a fleet of Romulan ships destroyed 30% of a planet’s entire crust in one volley in “Die is Cast” That all comes from Warsies fooling around with the numbers and ignoring every incidence of Star Trek’s ships shooting at planets.
‘Inheritance’ has them drilling a small hole that is only a couple of kilometres deep and hardly indicative of the ability to wipe out a planet’s surface. This is also after the phasers had been modified to drill- it’s not part of their normal operating parameters.
It took several seconds to drill a 1.6KM hole in ‘Legacy’. Hardly impressive.
Idazmi7 doesn’t even provide sources for his next two claims- in which episode did the Enterprise implode a planet’s mantle? In which episode did a Pird of Prey destroy all life on a planet? 
Finally, we come to ‘The Die is Cast’, where the visuals are inconsistent with the dialogue and dialogue manages to be inconsistent with other dialogue. Not exactly bullet-proof evidence is it?
The visual evidence shows shockwaves passing over completely undisrupted planetary surface with none of the expected results of such huge destruction. The term ‘grasping at straws’ comes to mind.
Another gem, this time referring to a conversation we were having about the mission to retake Deep Space Nine in ‘Sacrifice of Angels’.
You only know ANYTHING because I previously told you. By the way, the 2800 ships were ONLY to take Deep Space 9, not the entire Federation, you dolt.
At this stage I have reason to believe Idazmi7 is eithe completely ignorant of Deep Space Nine or prepared to lie at every opportunity. I suspect the latter is closer to accurate.
Here’s the actual timeline of events:
In Season 5’s ‘In Purgatory’s Shadow’ and ‘By Inferno’s Light’, the Cardassians join the Dominion and the Dominion start sending regular reinforcements through the wormhole to Cardassia, something which continues for several weeks until the events of the Season 5 finale, ‘A Call to Arms’, where Captain Sisko decides to blockade the wormhole with a minefield. As the minefield is being deployed a large force of Dominion forces heads from Cardassia to the station to stop Sisko.
The size of this fleet is only ever described as large, but after a lengthy battle (with the Dominion losing over fifty ships) the station is taken. The minefield is successfully deployed though, and Sisko and co evacuate the station.
In the opening six episodes of Season 6 it’s established that the Dominion have nearly three thousand ships on the other side of the wormhole, waiting for the chance to come through. These reinforcements, combined with existing Dominion forces in the Alpha Quadrant, would be enough to crush the Federation and the Klingons.
Idazmi7 claims the 2800 ships were to take Deep Space Nine alone. Considering that the Dominion already held Deep Space Nine at this point, why would they need to send a fleet to take it? He is having to desperately twist events to try and justify his fleet numbers for the Federation (97,000), and he is backing himself into a corner in the process.
It really is comedy gold.

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