Football Manager – Domination

Nothing kinky here, unless you regard comfortable La Liga titles to be sexy. Having completed a triumphant turnaround in my first season at Real Madrid, I set about strengthening my squad with a view to winning the Champion’s League, aiming for the prize that Real Madrid covet the most. My second season in charge was about to get underway…


In the league my team was virtually unstoppable. 38 games played, 34 wins, two draws and only two defeats meant I’d finished on 104 points, 13 points clear of Barcelona. No one could hold a candle to my side, by now virtually all regens, but within the game I had a number of stars. Italian forward Devis Ambrosi scored 66 goals in 43 games across all competitions, though he had help from Spaniard Javi Ruiz, who scored 41 goals in 47 appearances. 2029 would also see my Real Madrid side avenge their defeat to Liverpool in the previous season’s Champion’s League final, beating Arsenal to take the crown of Europe’s top team. I was pretty pleased with how the season had gone, though a manager never rests on their laurels. Two consecutive titles and a Champion’s League trophy were good, but I wanted more. Would I achieve it though?

In La Liga, the answer was an an emphatic yes. Three more seasons of title success followed, with 2029/30, 30/31 and 31/32 proving to be a continuation of the dominance I’d enjoyed in 28/29. However, I would lose the 2030 and 2032 Champion’s League finals (and my side never reached the 2031 final), which annoyed me. For a team like Real Madrid European glory is very special and very important, yet out of four finals in five seasons, I’d only managed to win it once. I felt as though I’d taken this talented team as far as I could, besides, I had another come in. One I simply could not refuse… after one small trip.


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