Comments Policy

Generally speaking I am quite relaxed about comments. A lot of the time most people’s comments won’t even end up in a moderation queue, though depending on circumstances I reserve the right to remove comments I deem inappropriate or offensive. I do however wish to make a few things clear.

  1. If you’re going to object to a post of mine, make sure you do so with logic, facts and evidence. An important note on that – if discussing religion then obviously religious texts count as evidence. If discussing science/technology, religious texts have no sway here and will not count as evidence. When discussing social matters, religious texts have no sway here, and do not count as evidence.
  2. Expect to be treated as you treat me. This one is very easy. Don’t react all shocked and offended if you come at me in bold aggressive tones and I don’t wilt but rather treat you in the same way.
  3. Treat each other with respect and fairness. This doesn’t mean you have to mindlessly agree with everything I say or with each other. I also fully understand that discussions may get a little heated sometimes (I am guilty of that myself). Keep it under control and don’t get nasty.
  4. Accountability. I have permitted relatively anonymous comments for some time, but as certain people have abused this, from now on comments to Meerkat Musings will require registration first.

I don’t have any other rules. I run a relaxed ship. Comments to this site don’t get edited or removed unless they delve into truly vile territory, or the person making them isn’t interested in having a discussion but instead prefers to be a troll. Note that dishonesty is a form of trolling as far as I am concerned.

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