Refuting Some SDNET Myths

There’s a perception out there about a popular Star Trek vs Star Wars site, regarding both the creator and the membership, that I need to challenge. 
Various quarters have tried to claim and its members indulge in threatening behaviour and harassment. Not only do I strongly refute these suggestions, they can be refuted by anyone who wishes to read the site and sign up to the forums.
The site’s author has often come under fire for a substance-over-style mentality – that is to say, he is often criticised for his honesty and a refusal to tolerate fools. Unfortunately we live in a world where style often trumps substance – and to a certain extent, I agree that how something is said can be as important as what is said. However, this is regularly used as an excuse by’s detractors to disguise what is actually being said. It’s wielded as a reason to totally disregard perfectly valid arguments and evidence. Worse, it’s used to tarnish the reputation of the site’s forums and the membership.
Read the site. Read the arguments. Take a look at the behaviour of the detractors too – some of them, whilst criticising the site’s approach, are quite content to use the very same methods. Join the forums, and decide for yourself, what the site is really like.
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