The Awakening

Back in 2019 (yes, I am aware I’ve told this story before), I started a journey. It began as a piece of… well, not fan fiction, for it was an original piece of work, but it was a story for my website. I developed it during quiet periods at work, and at home. I was reasonably happy with it, but then I had a moment of inspiration, following a trip to a sci-fi store in London. I began to believe that I could make something work for real, and set about working on my story in earnest.

Whilst there are many tragic downsides to the covid-19 pandemic, the lockdown in the first half of 2020 granted me two things. Firstly, I had time. I could devote my attention to the story in a manner I’d previously not given myself. Secondly, it granted me no excuses. If I were to make my dream of being a published author come true, I’d have to put in the work. My story became The Awakening, and after a period of time, and assistance from my brother, I self-published it via Kindle.

To be clear about something here, I regard self-publishing as a completely legitimate form of publishing. I could, at that point, call myself a published author. However, I wasn’t quite done with seeing where this could go. I reached out to some publishing houses. Most ignored me completely, and after a while, one came back to me to say they weren’t interested, but one did show an interest. Jumpmaster Press were keen to take The Awakening, and develop it further. They saw something in the story, and in me, and I will always be eternally grateful for their time and effort.

The end result of it all, is that as of now, I am a traditionally-published author. The Awakening is available to order! You can find it via the Jumpmaster Press website, just click on the book below! US readers can also order it as an ebook from the publisher site. If you’re a UK reader, you can check out this link for the paperback, and this link for the Kindle edition.

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I am honoured to have been interviewed by Martin Matthews! You can find the interview here, where I discuss The Awakening.

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