Writing Prompts: Intolerable Behaviour

You may be wondering where this post will go. Well, let’s place the scene in the restaurant above. What might I deem inappropriate behaviour in this setting?

A restaurant has waiting staff, who (depending on the quality of the establishment) may or may not be paid a particularly decent wage, yet will work very hard. Often they will rely upon the generosity of patrons via tips, and thus they will do their utmost to deliver good service. Customers will not usually see the depth of their exhaustion, much less appreciate it. I can relate to their plight, for working in a retail sales environment means I too am used to disguising my fatigue.

What I try to do, in any and all circumstances where I find myself in a restaurant, is to be polite and kind to the staff. I cannot stand it when people are rude and shirty to the waiters. Sure, sometimes there may be a mistake with an order (shock horror, waiters and waitresses are human, and therefore not perfect), but publicly berating and humiliating them is absolutely not on. I consider it shameful when customers do that to staff, and I consider it shameful should a manager or supervisor do it to them as well. Words can hurt, and screaming at someone in a busy restaurant (or shop) will do nothing for their confidence or well-being.

All I can imagine is that some people get off on power plays that make other people feel small and insecure. This type of person might actually be quite low on self-esteem themselves, and they choose the easy route of demeaning and degrading someone else, instead of looking inward. I cannot stand that sort of cruel behaviour.

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