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Star Trek and Star Wars. Chalk and Cheese. Apples and Oranges. Two very distinctive franchises, both with large, passionate fan bases. It should be no surprise then, that people have been comparing them for decades. No wonder then, that arguments have cropped up across various websites, forums and user groups for years.

Some of the arguments are largely about which franchise is better as a means of entertainment. These arguments are pointless, because they are qualitative matters- that is to say, they are subjective, opinion-based arguments and you can’t ‘prove’ that your opponent is wrong simply for liking something that you don’t like.

So, you may be aware that this page has changed – quite drastically in fact! The reason is simple – I used to be fairly active in versus debate circles (namely, I got involved in arguing over who would win a war – the Empire from Star Wars or the Federation from Star Trek), and until today (the 12th November 2014) I had devoted a portion of this site to that topic.

I’ve decided to withdraw those pages, mainly because I just don’t feel the versus debate is a reflection of who I am and where I (and this site) are going. It was fun, for a time, but at times also quite heated and stressful, and I’d rather bow out of it than flog a horse that, for both sides, is not only dead but decomposed down to its bare bones. Some elements of these pages (such as the Idazmi7 pages and the Myths page) will remain, because frankly, I don’t like to see idiots win, and I won’t permit that, but aside from that, I’m not going to be involved in versus discussions – well, not for the time being anyway.

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