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This is for all my 2014 site updates. For current updates, see here.

18th December 2014: As 2014 winds down, I make what will probably be the last update to the main site for the year. This page explains a little about the rules and regulations of Formula 1.

2nd December 2014: I’ve just completed an update to my Creationism page, that addresses some of the arguments coming out of IMDb.

24th November 2014: My page on double world champion Fernando Alonso is now up.

23rd November 2014: In the wake of Lewis Hamilton claiming a deserved world championship, I have re-organised my Formula 1 pages and added a section on the 2014 season!

13th November 2014: Another new addition to the site – you wait for ages then two at once! This one is all about Mario!

12th November 2014: I have now added a YouTube Channel to accompany my website! I’ve also changed my Star Trek vs Star Wars page to reflect the direction I want my site to take.

27th October 2014: When I think about something that was a huge childhood influence of mine, as well as a source of a lot of fun, I think no further than Nintendo, and the crazy, quirky characters they introduced me to!

8th October 2014: A few more new pages that continue the Star Trek theme – one about the Dominion War, and one about the character Damar.

7th October 2014: I offer up a page or two about my great experience at Destination Star Trek!

29th September 2014: The second of my pages on Formula 1 drivers – the legendary Ayrton Senna.

24th September 2014: The first of a new set of pages about my favourite Formula 1 drivers and teams is now up – a page about my boyhood hero, Nigel Mansell.

16th September 2014: I offer my thoughts on alien life and whether it exists.

15th September 2014: The customer is NOT always right!

13th September 2014: I’ve added a new page about internet Trolls and their methods.

4th September 2014: A little bit of housekeeping – I’ve re-organised the main menus and added a new section about the Terminator films.

31st August 2014: I have now added a new page about Creationism.

29th August 2014: Got a new section of my site to locate my thoughts and opinions on various stuff. I open it by relocating my Gay Marriage article and with a new page about Internet Tough Guys.

28th August 2014: Reorganised the site somewhat, and added a new header – What I think.

24th August 2014: Now I’ve added a page talking about Star Wars, and why I love it!

21st August 2014: I have just added a page explaining why I enjoy Star Trek – and I hope you enjoy the page! I have also added a response to some feedback on my Star Trek vs Star Wars page.

17th August 2014: The site has just undergone its first major overhaul – a new theme, which is hopefully a bit brighter and more eye-catching than before.

13th August 2014: I’ve finished porting my Idazmi7 Responses to this site. They should now all be up. 

On the 6th of August 2014, this site was officially born! Since then it’s seen a few updates (obviously, as the site is being built up) and it will continue to grow.

If you want to see how this site has evolved over time, then keep an eye on this page.

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