Why Meerkats?



It may have occurred (on the other hand, maybe it hasn’t) to some of you to ask – why the meerkat? Why use that particular animal to represent one’s self online?

Well, my username for a lot of things (Twitter and Yahoo for example) is darth_timon. That should give you a clue straight away. Timon is a character from the Disney masterpiece The Lion King – and he happens to be a meerkat (The Darth prefix is a reference to Darth Vader and Star Wars, though you should know that :P).

Plus, meerkats are… well, cute and adorable, just like me! They are also somewhat scatter-brained, just like me! What’s not to love?


4 thoughts on “Why Meerkats?

  1. Meerkats also stick their heads up to look for trouble and warn the group. Not so different from what a person who writes about social issues.

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