Why Meerkats?



It may have occurred (on the other hand, maybe it hasn’t) to some of you to ask – why the meerkat? Why use that particular animal to represent one’s self online?

Well, my username for a lot of things (Twitter and Yahoo for example) is darth_timon. That should give you a clue straight away. Timon is a character from the Disney masterpiece The Lion King – and he happens to be a meerkat (The Darth prefix is a reference to Darth Vader and Star Wars, though you should know that :P).

Plus, meerkats are… well, cute and adorable, just like me! They are also somewhat scatter-brained, just like me! What’s not to love?


6 thoughts on “Why Meerkats?

  1. Meerkats also stick their heads up to look for trouble and warn the group. Not so different from what a person who writes about social issues.

  2. I love Meerkats. My wife and I both did. However, be careful of any documentaries you watch about them. We watched one one time that followed a group of meerkats. By the end of the documentary all of that group had died except one, and although he had been accepted into another group of meerkats he was low person on the totem poll and did not have a happy life. My wife and I were in tears. No more documentaries for us.

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