The 2016 F1 Season

It’s time! After what always feels like a looooooong wait, Formula 1 is back. Having endured ups and downs from Liverpool FC over the winter, it’s good to have F1 to look forward to 🙂

So what’s new? Well, 2016 brings a new team, new drivers and new (and returning) races. There are also some changes to the rules, by and large small, but with potential changes to qualifying that could shake things up. Pirelli have introduced a new ‘Ultra-soft’ tyre compound, denoted by purple stripes, which will get some use during the course of the year.

For qualifying, the plan is to introduce a new ‘elimination’ format, with the slowest car in Q1 at the seven minute mark being eliminated, and another car being lost every 90 seconds thereafter, until Q1 is finished. Rinse and repeat for Q2 and Q3.

The testing has commenced, the stage is set, and sooner rather than later we get to bask in the glory of loud engines and fast cars!

Like with the 2015 season, I’ll be keeping a chronicle of the year ahead, previewing and reviewing races and offering up discussions of interest. I hope you enjoy the journey with me!

The 2016 Teams

AUS GP Preview

AUS GP Report

BAR GP Preview

BAR GP Report

CHI GP Preview

CHI GP Report

RUS GP Preview

RUS GP Report

SPA GP Preview

SPA GP Report

MON GP Preview

MON GP Report

CAN GP Preview

CAN GP Report

EUR GP Preview

EUR GP Report

AUS GP Preview

AUS GP Report

GBR GP Preview

GBR GP Report

HUN GP Preview

HUN GP Report

GER GP Preview

GER GP Report

Halfway There

BEL GP Preview

BEL GP Report

ITA Preview

ITA Report

SIN Preview

SIN Report

MAL Preview

MAL Report

JAP Preview

JAP Report

USA Preview

USA Report

MEX Preview

MEX Report

BRA Preview

BRA Report

ABU Preview

ABU Report

The Final Report Card

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