The Funny Fury

Get a load of this!

Wow. Just wow. Originally I’d wondered if these comments related to the Coalition of the Brave site, as that site tends to attract this sort of ignorant deviant. Imagine my surprise when I realised they’d been left on Meerkat Musings! They are hilarious! Clearly whoever left the comments was feeling extremely angry, but if they conceived of scenario where their unimaginative, unintelligible rants would somehow sway me in their favoured direction, they were being thoroughly delusional. This is not my first rodeo with ignorant trolls. This is not my first duel with deluded Trump supporters. It’s hysterically funny to think that a few simple facts can set them into such a spin that they leave these furious comments. Does ‘Boo’ honestly believe that I will be intimidated or cowed into silence or agreement by their rants? My tolerance for this kind of idiocy is at an all-time low, and the next comment, depending upon what form it takes, may just result in the full disclosure of everything I can learn about the poster. I guess we shall see.

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