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Welcome to Meerkat Musings. I am your host Ben, and I will be your guide through this realm.

Who is that guide you ask? He is a thirty-something happily-married father of one, living in Essex (which is in the UK, and not too far from London). He doesn’t usually refer to himself in the third-person but for this paragraph and this paragraph alone, he will on this page.

Ahem, now we’ve shaken that out of our system, what else can I tell you? Well, my descendants were possibly gypsies who lived in Scotland (right on the border with England), and they may have actually been classed as gypsy royalty, something that even came with Scottish Royal Approval. I’m still figuring that out. 

I’m not afraid to be political. I’ll gladly sink my teeth into discussions of social issues. I don’t like injustice, I can’t stand wilful ignorance, and I have no patience for wild conspiracy theories. I take a dim view of people using their religious views to justify bigotry and racism. I’m unashamedly left-wing.

I’m a published author! My book, The Awakeningis available to order via Amazon, and via Jumpmaster Press. UK readers are best off using the Amazon link, and US readers are better off using Jumpmaster Press.

A lover of all things Nintendo, I have proudly introduced my daughter to the wonders of Pokemon and Super Mario!

I grew up in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, surviving school and working in office environments for a number of years, whilst dabbling with fan fiction. Over the years I moved to Essex, and ditched the office for retail sales, something I am more naturally suited for. Whilst doing this, my love of sci-fi has never waned – Star Trek, Star Wars and Doctor Who are big influences, whilst on the literary front, David Weber’s Honorverse and the works of Peter F Hamilton have shaped how I approach writing.

Alongside sci-fi, I have a keen enjoyment of Formula 1 motor racing, and I like to mention I lived in the same town as Lewis Hamilton (though I never met Lewis). I am an avid Liverpool FC fan, for my sins.

If you want to get in touch, drop me an email – darth_timon@yahoo.co.uk, or leave a comment! You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook.

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Meerkat Musings

  1. Ben, are there gun-nuts in the UK, also? Sheesh. I thought this was more of an American failing of logic. How discouraging.

  2. That photo may scare people away—- 🙂

        • Odd I have never visited your about page before .. or not that I recall.
          I was born in Herefordshire…Royston
          Have an aunt and cousin in Stevenage and Baldock.
          I too love science fiction and have written several novels one of which had been published.
          Most Importantly, like you, I am an avid Liverpool fan.
          Small world!

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