Writing Prompts: Swimming

How I imagine I look in the water…
… and how I actually look.

Ever since I was a cub, I have generally speaking been fond of swimming. I don’t do it often, but when I do, I enjoy it. I consider myself a reasonably confident swimmer, and I have few qualms about going out into the sea when at the beach (well, when I’m somewhere warm, with clear blue waters, unlike the sewage-infested murky waters near me in the UK). A couple of years ago my family and I enjoyed the waters of Menorca, and I swam out a reasonable distance in the clear, calm waters at the beach. It was refreshing and relaxing, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Last year my wife, daughter and I went to Great Yarmouth, and we used the pool on a regular basis there too. It was a different kind of experience, but equally enjoyable.

Swimming is a skill that I believe is worth learning, though I appreciate not everyone will be capable of doing so, and nor will everyone want to, which is fine. For me, being competent in the water matters, and that stems from a respect for how potentially dangerous it can be. Seas and rivers and lakes are great for a swim, but they carry hidden dangers, so being capable of handling one’s self in the water matters to me, and that extends to swimming pools too. It is also a means to getting and staying fit, reason enough for me to do so more often, if I can find the motivation!

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