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Over on my old Wix site, I developed a series of responses to the videos of one Idazmi7 (who has made a number of videos portraying ‘evidence’ that the Federation is superior to the Empire. Below is the direct text from my old site.
In the eyes of most people who have taken part in the Star Trek vs Star Wars debate, the discussion is over. The bulk of discussion (combat in the eyes of some) took place during the late 1990s and early 2000s, and come the end, you either accepted that the Empire would crush the Federation or you accepted that the Federation was vastly superior to the Empire.
However, despite the discussion being pretty much done (only small smatterings of debate exist on the major sites now) there are still a few pockets of lively debate to be had.
Above is a link to a video by a person going by the name Idazmi7. This individual (presumably male) has posted a number of videos to Youtube comparing Star Trek and Star Wars, and also directs a lot of anger toward
The video in question makes, among other things, the claim that 19 out of 23 shots fired by the Star Destroyer miss the Corvette it’s chasing. The video itself makes it clear this is not true, yet a look through the comments shows Idazmi7 is adamant he’s right, despite his own video contradicting him!
The following is the unedited ‘discussion’ we have had thus far on the issue. My posts are in blue, his are in purple:
RE the first two parts of your video (Star Destroyer accuracy and AT-ATs), the Star Destroyer’s accuracy is not as bad as you claim (and yes, I have watched that scene). Additionally, the Star Destroyer is not shooting with the intent to destroy the target as they wanted to capture the vessel, so it stands to reason they were not pouring fire at the Corvette.RE the AT-AT being felled by tow cables, we have no idea what those wires are made of. It’s all well and good to write them off as simple wires, but as I said, we don’t know what they are composed of.
“the Star Destroyer’s accuracy is not as bad as you claim
Additionally, the Star Destroyer is not shooting with the intent to destroy the target as they wanted to capture the vessel”
Then they should shoot accurately.
“RE the AT-AT being felled by tow cables, we have no idea what those wires are made of.”
Doesn’t matter. Imperial engineering should consider that next time.
Charming isn’t it? The first thing he does is call me a liar. That sets the tone.
There’s shooting accurately then there’s being careful so as not to destroy something that you’re trying to capture. As for the tow cables- I guess he’s just ignorant of engineering- a sufficiently strong wire will, especially when wound repeatedly and tightly, be capable of felling anything walking like that.
I refer you to my latest post: Actually, in the clip you share of the Star destroyer, we only see a handful of shots definitely miss and then the camera doesn’t show what happens to the rest. This is in the very clip you provided. Also, you haven’t addressed any of the other points I made. Your remark about the cables is a dodge.
Your whole comment is a dodge. I don’t need to address what has already been addressed in the video. My point about the cables is a FACT.
No, it isn’t, and you have failed to address ANY of my other points. Your own video does not provide any evidence for your claim about Star Destroyer accuracy. Meanwhile, you have not addressed MY point about DS9’s weapons repeatedly missing large vessels lumbering slowly in front of it. For that matter, you have not addressed my other posts about ‘The Changing Face of Evil’.
Going forward, it’s clear Idazmi7 isn’t going to address my points (made in other comments) about the poor accuracy of Federation weapons. Both ‘Way of the Warrior’ and ‘A Call to Arms’ show Deep Space Nine’s weapons missing large targets and ships moving in straight lines. I guess Idazmi7 suffers from selective blindness (he certainly does when it comes to his own video).
Your own video does not provide any evidence for your claim about Star Destroyer accuracy.” – The first few seconds.
This is not true. The video shows several shots that we cannot conclude anything about because the camera pans away and doesn’t show the Corvette. It shows the majority of the shots we DO see hit the ship, or appear to detonate as some sort of flak burst (which may actually be interaction with a shield).
You must enjoy being a liar: I saw and reported misses, as in shots going past the target. Are you blind?
Yes, he saw and reported misses, but he deliberately exaggerated the number of misses.
No, but YOU are. You refer to misses which are clearly not present in your video. The camera pans away and we don’t see whether a number of shots hit or not. At best, you have woefully misinterpreted what you watched; at worst, you have deliberately lied about.
I show the misses exactly 10 seconds in. They are misses. There’s no point in continuing: you are blocked and muted. 🙂
The recourse of the desperate. Unable to actually prove his point with anything other than gross misrepresentation of the facts, he decides to bar me from the discussion.
There is actually even more- several concurrent threads cropped up regarding different issues. He claims at one stage that Starfleet has 97,000 ships. His proof lies entirely in the registry system- there’s a ship with the prefix NCC 97000, therefore there must be 97,000 ships.
This video includes evidence from both series. The technology is strongly in Star Trek’s favor: the Starfleet has ~30 ships like Enterprise, and has 97,000 other ships. No contest.
It gets better.
If Starfleet has 97,000 ships, why was a Dominion force of 2,800 ships in ‘Sacrifice of Angels’ believed to be enough to overwhelm both the Federation AND the Klingons?
Because not all of the Federation fleet is located in exactly one spot, and the Dominion had far superior technology.
Of course the Federation fleet is not in one spot, but why is this even relevant? With 97,000 ships covering their territory, the Federation should be able to bring to bear a considerable number of vessels at any point within their territory to deal with any crisis. Instead, they were scrounging together a fleet to retake Deep Space Nine, a key strategic outpost!
The claim the Dominion had far superior technology is just bizarre, but then it makes in light of his attempts to make the Federation fleet seem much larger. It’s the only way 2,800 ships can possibly pose a threat to 97,000 vessels.
It’s a claim that has no validity though. Whilst the Dominion enjoyed the early advantage of having weapons that ignored Federation shields, these weapons did not use raw firepower but were more sophisticated and thus able to bypass Federation defences. By the time of ‘A Call to Arms’, the Federation had solved this problem. At that point, the only advantage the Dominion possessed was its ability to build ships more quickly and grow Jem’Hadar soldiers quicker than Starfleet could train new recruits.
Another salient point is- if the Dominion enjoyed such an advantage, why did they feel the need to put together a fleet twice as large as the one the Federation sent to retake Deep Space Nine?
There is but more to that discussion, such as my mentioning that NCC numbers could easily include runabouts (in fact they do), and quite possibly cargo ships and transports as well. NCC numbers may also be on record but referring to decommissioned ships (another point I made Idazmi7 aware of). His response was that Starfleet recycles the numbers, but we’ve only seen this happen with the Enterprise and possibly the Defiant, so it’s hardly reasonable to assume it happens with every registry.
I will at some stage add our little ‘chat’ about laser weapons, and also our ‘conversation’ about warp drive. If you’re impatient for me to add them here, check out the link at the start of the page.
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