Breath of the Wild – The Adventure


Welcome to my personal journey through Nintendo’s epic Zelda title – Breath of the Wild. Here is where I’ll be chronicling my voyage across Hyrule. It goes without saying that there will be massive spoilers for the game, so if you don’t want to see any, don’t read these posts!

The Prelude

Chapter 1 – Link’s Awakening

Chapter 2 – Unlocking Memories

Chapter 3 – Wrong Turns

Chapter 4 – Deserts and Gerudo

Chapter 5 – Failures and Frustrations

Chapter 6 – Further Frustrations

Chapter 7 – Big Steps

Chapter 8 – Random Focus

Chapter 9 – Fire on the Mountain

Chapter 10 – The End?

The Enemies of Breath of the Wild

Back to The Legend of Zelda

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