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Sites that this meerkat approves of.


Jooply: This is a clever site for creating ‘wish-lists’ you can then share with family and friends. Ideal for getting birthday and Christmas ideas!

What you Fancy: run by my sister-in-law, this is the go-to place for tips on fashion and home design!

The Coalition of the Brave: this is where we draw a line in the sand against hatred and ignorance. Here we will find common ground.

Shouts from the Abyss: For interesting observations on just about anything, I would heartily recommend this site! The site’s author, Tom, also works on the Nudge Wink Report, a gathering of unique minds who report on the strangeness of the world through various eyes.

Upside of Sideways: Run by Blogdramedy, who also works on the Nudge Wink Report, once again we are talking about intriguing and often witty yet considered observations of the world around us. If you are interested in the Star Trek vs Star Wars debate then this is one of the first sites you should see. It contains a wealth of information about the military forces of the Galactic Empire and Federation of Planets, and uses the scientific method to determine who would win a hypothetical war. The title probably gives away who wins. This site has forums, and I post here as darth_timon. Another comprehensive Star Trek vs Star Wars site, this one is often brought up as a counterpoint to

Galactic Empire Wars: Created and run by Vance of, this is a far more detailed look at the Empire than I could ever hope to make, and a good resource for anyone interested in Star Wars technology. If you want to see the Trek v Wars debate from the other side of the coin, go here. It presents an alternative series of arguments that concludes the Federation would beat the Empire. I don’t personally agree, but for the sake of completeness, I include the link. Like, this site has forums, and I post here as sothis (not frequently though).

My Twitter Feed: Exactly as it says on the tin. Aside from letting you know when new pages are ready, my Twitter page will almost certainly contain further random rambles.

My YouTube Channel: Meerkat Musings is on YouTube! I need to do some videos.

My Facebook Page: Once again, no explanation needed. If you’re a movie buff, then this is a good site for you – it’s got a huge wealth of information on pretty much every TV show and film ever made. The site has forums too, but owing to how many there are, they are not moderated, so expect some harsh language and conversations. I post here as darth_timon.

Movellas: This is quite a good site for aspiring writers, such as myself. There is a lot of One Direction fiction (the site is dominated by teenage girls), but if you can filter through those, there are some real gems. I have my own profile here.

Booksie: Similar to Movellas, except I dare say a bit more grown up. Once again I have my own profile here.

Big Footy: It’s slightly odd that I, as a proud Briton, would be a member of a forum about Australian rules football, but the site has great discussion forums for Formula 1 – and therefore I am a member! I post here as darth_timon.

Going Faster: Linked to primarily for its excellent Terminator pages!

ProstFan: The largest fansite devoted to four-time world champion Alain Prost – a complete breakdown of his career and his epic rivalry with Ayrton Senna!

The Game Freak Show: I discovered this site by chance, via an article written about the Mario game series. It’s a good site with some good takes on both modern and classic games!

Social Worked: I found this guy almost by accident, but he has a compelling blog that is very thoughtful.

The Melodramatic Confessions of Carla Louise: Obviously a site run by Carla Louise, who offers up some thought-provoking posts on feminism.

We Hunted the Mammoth: This site contrasts the diatribe of sites like Return of Kings – it’s a counterpoint of Kings’ misogyny and racism.

Serenity: This site is a joint effort between Carla of the Melodramatic Confessions, Ariel Lynn of Writing Radiation, Rae of the Bookmark Chronicles, and B of Getting Through Anxiety. Serenity is an important space for discussing feminism and womens’ issues, as well as race, mental health and a lot more.

Convertible Turtle Gaming – this is a Youtube channel that features, among other things, live streams of Zelda games. I don’t need to explain any further!

The Captain’s Speech – Paul, the author of this site, has put together a very witty number here! Often funny, always thoughtful, and delightfully engaging, this is a fun place to be!

The Duck of Indeed – Gaming, writing, art – it can all be found here! The author of this site is very talented – please take a look!

The Life and Times of Bruce Gerencser – Bruce has many wise observations about life and a brilliant outspoken approach, especially when confronting argumentative trolls.

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