The Section 31 Project – Introduction

We begin at the beginning – fitting no? Where I am quoting from Virus-X’s page, the text will be in red. Where he has quoted Michael Wong of, the text will be in green, and where he has quoted other sources, the text will be blue.

“Good morning. I am Agent Sloan (and no, I am not dead; it’ll be a cold day in Hell before a mutant doctor and a grease-monkey can take me out).

I am in charge of this operation’s intelligence and counter-intel activities. This briefing is to acquaint you with the current situation. One week ago, Section 31 agents were able to enter the Bajor Wormhole and make contact with the alien proprietors: the so-called “Prophets of Bajor”. After several weeks of negotiation, Section 31 was able to convince them to open a second wormhole in proximity to Empok Nor, sister station to Deep Space Nine (or, Terok Nor), ostensibly for the purpose of extradimensional studies. After finding out about the extradimensional-travel abilities of the original wormhole, we asked for another, to allow us to further explore the other dimensions. 

Taking control over the wormhole and learning how to control how it passes through dimensional planes, we have found one in particular that is of interest. Observing it, we have come to call it the “Star Wars” galaxy. It seems it’s peoples are always in a state of war with someone, or another. Our civilization, for quite a while, now, has been on what is called the “Star Trek”. I believe the term was first coined by the great Zefram Cochrane in the pre-United Federation of Planets days. The phrase has become so popularized, it’s even seen, every now and then, in official literature, to refer to our own galaxy, as a whole; the “Star Trek” galaxy. Now, other beings are coming into the picture to expand the war. Sending probes, starships and agents through the wormhole, we discovered a wealth of data on this new galaxy, and we have even been able to engage in time travel, further enhancing our knowledge of the galaxy. Unfortunately, all we’ve found is a galaxy almost completely torn by a perpetual state of war, which has only increased in intensity. Many Section 31 agents have penetrated the wormhole and actually gone into this new galaxy, visiting certain worlds to learn what they can. What they’ve uncovered is a galaxy with it’s majority ruled by a fledgling government calling itself the New Republic, as well as a small, struggling government that once ruled the majority of the galaxy calling itself the Empire. A third group, possibly from another galaxy, calling itself the Yuuzhan Vong, has invaded their galaxy, and has started a war of galactic proportions.

It is this Empire that concerns us. They are an oppressive regime that is on it’s way out, and we’ve decided it would be doing their galaxy a favor to contribute to the more immediate destruction of said government. We’ve allowed one of our ships to be observed going through the wormhole, in an attempt to bait New Republic/Imperial forces to follow us. Unfortunately, we’ve found out that their astrogational technologies are very limited. Unless they’ve clearly mapped our space, they cannot engage their FTL propulsion systems. They have both sent probes through, but we’ve intercepted them all, and programmed the primitive robotic probes with whatever information we’ve wanted them to have, true or not. The Imperial mindset still is conquest-oriented, regardless of the fact that they are in no position to conquer anyone; they can’t even master themselves. 

In any event, Section 31 has decided to conquer their entire galaxy, in order to secure the safety of the United Federation of Planets, and, even now, stand ready to launch a hard, pre-emptive assault on their galaxy, including against any and all of the seemingly mentally defective and bizarrely uncivilized Yuuzhan Vong forces. Our experiences with such governments as the Dominion, the Breen Confederacy, the Cardassian Union & the Borg Collective have shown us that waiting can be a detriment. Due to the seriousness of this situation, we’ve been authorized command of significant elements of the United Federation of Planets Starfleet, in order to secure larger, more powerful forces, and now we have more than enough to get the job done. Boosting our chances are the technologies of the Dominion, which was recently conquered by UFP Starfleet forces, proper.

What you will receive, here, is a threat briefing on the possible elements of the other galaxy that may attempt military action against us.”

There’s nothing particularly wrong here, aside from the idea that Section 31 agents could easily roam the galaxy, and I’m not sure where the idea that the Federation controls the Dominion comes from. They simply wouldn’t have the resources to conquer the Dominion’s Gamma Quadrant holdings, not least of all when licking their own wounds in the aftermath of the Dominion War. The nature of this comparison is also hinted at – we have a Federation that’s been inflated through the addition of Dominion resources, against an Empire that is weak, following the rise of the New Republic. It should be noted that this comparison involves use of the no-longer valid ‘Legends’ EU, which was superseded by Disney’s new EU. Therefore, these pages (and my rebuttal of them) is more for posterity than anything else.

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