The Idazmi7 Responses – Part 2

Now it’s time to discuss the no-laser fallacy and the speed of warp drive.
First up, my response to a different poster on the subject of laser weaponry:
Federation ships cannot ignore the laws of thermodynamics. Plus, Borg lasers (yes, lasers, specifically refered to as Lasers) were a threat to Federation ships. Lasers can and DO work against Federation vessels.
Idazmi7 replied:
The Borg do NOT use lasers as weapons. They mostly use torpedoes.
As will be demonstrated later on, the Borg do in fact use their lasers as weapons. Don’t expect Idazmi7 to acknowledge the evidence though.
Not only does Worf describe the beam weapon that cuts out a piece of the Enterprise in ‘Q Who’ (and is used in ‘Best of Both Worlds’) as a cutting laser, but we see this weapon used against Voyager in ‘Dark Frontier’ and ‘Unimatrix Zero’, and the difference in effectiveness is dependent on the power of the ship using the weapons.
The problem with the no-laser argument is obvious. One type of laser proved ineffective in ‘The Outrageous Okuna’, so the assumption is that all types of laser weapon are ineffective against Federation ships, irrespective of power. To top it off, there is the further assumption that turbolasers in Star Wars share the same properties as the lasers in ‘The Outrageous Okuna’. Yet when the Borg cutting laser is described in such terms, suddenly it’s not really a laser and it’s just a name. The hypocrisy is annoying and also blatant.

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