Writing Prompts: Nervousness

This meerkat gets nervous about a lot of things. In an upcoming Prompt, I’ll talk about tardiness, and that sort of overlaps with this.

Picture the scene. It’s a busy London station, and you’ve just bundled off the Tube, and up to the main concourse. You vaguely know when your train is, but you’re in a bit of a scramble to find the right platform, and once you find it, you need to get to it. You may or may not be lugging a suitcase. You may or may not have family and friends in tow. You’re trying to steer everyone and everything in the right direction, but fearful that time will be against you. Finally, you see that you need platform 10… and you’re at platform 1. You have three minutes to rush down the other end of the station and board your train.

Substitute three minutes for 15 minutes, and it won’t matter for me. I’ll still have a small, churning pit of anxiety in my stomach. That horrible feeling of ‘we’re about to miss the train!’ is one thing that makes me nervous. It’s a somewhat silly thing when time is on my side, but that doesn’t stop me from feeling it.

It’s not the only thing that renders me uneasy. If I fear I have made some kind of mistake, be it in a personal or professional capacity, I’ll stew over it. It will roll around in my head, driving me nuts, and then, nine times out of ten, it will prove to be nothing. Sometimes it can be the smallest thing too. I am my own worst enemy, there’s no question of that!

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