Site Updates 2016

11th November 2016: As the year winds down, the latest sequence of pages goes up – taking a look at the democratic system of government, and the alternatives.

2nd May 2016: It’s been a while since I’ve updated the main site, but the first of a few pages bubbling away in my head has finally turned into something tangible. This particular offering concerns the worrying (indeed, frightening) idea that men are entitled to women’s bodies. We’re not.

6th February 2016: Added a new page to my Stargate section, Gods and Monsters. Enjoy!

8th January 2016: So we are well and truly into the New Year and as we settle into 2016 the aim for the main site this year is finally finish a few projects. My Trains page needs completing, I do plan to eventually finish my Stargate pages, and maybe even get around to my Football Manager Story. If I get those three things done with the main site, I’ll be happy!

2016 will also be the year that I finally start using video to further inflict my views and opinions upon the world. I’ve recorded a couple already, I just need to get around to editing them and publishing them!

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