2015 Updates

5th November 2015: Given the washout that has been this year’s Bonfire Night (the rain here has been pretty unrelenting all day), instead I’ve done some site work – including a little Christmas post, inspired by hearing someone shamelessly playing Christmas songs earlier today.

15th October 2015: So it’s been a while since a definitive update, although I might spin some of the blog posts about gun control and bigotry into a proper page. I mentioned via the blog plans to keep a diary based on Football Manager 2014, but the game keeps freezing inexplicably, rendering that idea well and truly moot! In the meantime, I’ve written a short page entitled The Angry Meerkat – not a lot of imagination needed to work that one out!

7th August 2015: As you may have seen in my blog, yesterday marked the first birthday of Meerkat Musings! I’m quite pleased with the way the site has developed, and I hope to continue expanding it.

To that end, I have a new article that explores the relationship between blame and responsibility.

30th July 2015: Having reached the halfway mark in the 2015 F1 season, I’ve gone and taken a look at the predictions I made, and compared them to what’s actually happened so far.

18th July 2015: I’ve made quite a radical overhaul to the site’s overall appearance. I felt it was due a change.

I’ve also added a tribute to the late Jules Bianchi, who has sadly passed away.

15th June 2015: I tackle Idazmi7’s take on the Federation Army.

11th June 2015: Another update to the Trains section of the site, this one being about Mass Transit.

1st June 2015: A new section to the main site, Versus Debates! The first debate is who would win – Iron Man or Batman?

22nd May 2015: Probably the most serious update to the main site for a while, is an article about Radical Feminism. I don’t know how this one will be received, and I admit, I was hesitant to even post it, but it’s out there now.

19th May 2015: It’s been a while since a ‘proper’ update to the main site, but I’ve finally completed my second page about trains – about how railways linked cities together. Enjoy!

25th April 2015: I’ve started a set of reviews into things I’m interested in, that will range from TV shows and films, to books and games – enjoy!

15th April 2015: The first of my pages about trains is now up. If I wasn’t already marked as a geek, I most certainly am now.

12th April 2015: So the Chinese Grand Prix has come and gone. Now I have to wait a whole week until the next one!

Meanwhile, I am developing a series of pages about a geeky interest of mine – trains. The first page – that covers the development of the first steam locos – is nearly ready!

16th March 2015: I’ve tidied up the F1 2015 pages. Take a look!

12th March 2015: Having previewed the teams last time out, I now take a look at the drivers for the forthcoming 2015 F1 season!

4th March 2015: I preview the upcoming 2015 Formula 1 season! Enjoy!

10th January 2015: The first major update for 2015 is the arrival of my Stargate pages!

For 2014 updates, see here.

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