Writing Prompts: A Good Life?

What are the most important things needed to live a good life?

Now here’s an interesting question, and undoubtedly a subjective one.

Some people might argue that a good life is defined by success in whatever venture or field they have focused on. For example, a scientist might regard their life as good if their work proves to be revolutionary in some way (they discover the cure to a deadly disease, or unlock a new form of renewable energy). A musician might consider their life good if they achieve the heights of fame and fortune from their endeavours. What might Beethoven think if he knew his music has left a tremendous, powerful legacy?

It’s all relative. Someone like Jeremy Corbyn might believe a good life lies in doing good for others. Someone like Boris Johnson might believe a good life lies in titles and prestige and wealth.

What about me? How might I personally answer this question?

To have a good life, I believe you need to have the companionship of people you can be comfortable with. Sometimes that includes yourself. Self-acceptance, self-care, that’s important. I was going to say that life should not be lived alone (I for one find great comfort in the company of my wife and daughter), but who am I to speak for everyone? To some, solitude is preferable to company. I can only speak for how I regard a life well-lived.

To leave an epic legacy is a grand idea, but if we’re being realistic, that’s outside the realm of most of us. That said, if I leave the world a slightly better place for the benefit of my daughter, I’ll consider my life a success. I’ll regard my life as a good one if she thinks well of me.

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