Writing Prompts: Superpowers… with a Twist

I asked one of my colleagues for a prompt idea, and his suggestion was: You have the power to read minds, but only when you’re naked.

Now, I am not given to be nude. Sure, I undress to jump in the bath, but that’s about the only time I wear my birthday suit (it gets so wrinkly in the bath too). Therefore, access to this power would be very limited. My colleague clarified that my powers would have a range, and not reliant on line of sight, so I could read minds from the bath.

All this would allow for is reading the minds of my family and my neighbours. I’m not sure how useful any of the info I glean would prove to be. I mean, if I ever end up on a nudist beach, then sure, I could read a lot of minds, but I am not likely to set foot on such sands any time soon!

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