Writing Prompts: 365!

I’m very, very happy. Today marks the day I have completed my quest! Today, I have posted at least once a day, every day, throughout 2023! I can’t say I’ve always found this Writing Prompts series to be easy. At times, finding a topic to discuss has definitely proved a challenge. Nonetheless, I persevered, and now, here at the end of it, I am left to reflect upon the numerous topics that came my way during the year.

There have been strange words (tittynope!). I’ve discussed lakes. I’ve offered up memories, such as my trip to Amsterdam. There have been posts about bringing back the dinosaurs, and about embarrassing slip-ups! Sometimes I have gotten serious, and sometimes I have let loose, and had fun with the weird and wonderful ideas so many of you have provided. In fact, without that inspiration, I don’t think I’d have reached that milestone, so thank you to everyone who contributed, and kept me motivated to continue.

Now the question becomes, ‘do I carry on going?’ The short answer is no.

The longer answer is that it’s quite tiring to keep posting daily. There’s only so many topics that I am interested in enough to spin a post out of. It is also tiring on the mind, so daily posts… that’s not going to happen in 2024. That said, the Writing Prompts idea will continue. I rather enjoy testing myself via the ideas and suggestions that come my way, and I am absolutely certain there will be fresh inspiration in the New Year. For now though, I will relish in the moment, and enjoy this milestone 🙂

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