Writing Prompts: Pick a Random Word and Write a Post About It

Tittynope. Despite coming up with a red line denoting a spelling mistake, it is actually a word, and no, it is nothing rude or untoward. Yes, I see you in the corner, sniggering. Control yourself.

Tittynope means ‘a small quantity of something left over’. It is often used in relation to food. ‘There is a tittynope of vegetables on your plate’. Imagine trying to use that expression and keeping a straight face. You’d be a tougher meerkat than I!

Tittynope (give me strength) is one of a number of old words, that seem, upon first viewing, to be quite dirty. There are expressions like ‘butt shaft’, that refer to blunt arrows, and ‘assart’, which isn’t posterior-developed painting, but instead, a reference to land primed for farming. Old ladies used to place ‘dick-pots’ under their petticoats to keep themselves warm…

I’m now considering how to use these expressions in day-to-day life, but I suspect I won’t have much cause to. I will however, definitely use tittynope, wherever and whenever I can.

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