Writing Prompts: Minotaurs

The seventh letter of the alphabet leads us to countries beginning with G, and there is no greater treasure-trove of mythical creatures than Greece. There are numerous monsters and beings to be found in Greek mythology, and choosing just one was quite the challenge, but choose I did, and I went with the mighty Minotaur.

In Greek mythology, the Minotour had the body of a man and the head of a bull. As is not uncommon in the world of Ancient Greece, the Minotaur’s origins involve displeased gods (in this case Poseidon), and, uh, unnatural relations between a bull and a woman. The Minotour was a feral creature and fed on human flesh, so it was trapped in a specially-built maze, which was called the Labyrinth. Eventually, the legendary hero Theseus was dispatched to kill the creature, and he succeeded.

I don’t think I’d be as brave as Theseus.

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