Writing Prompts: Bringing Rexy Back

If you could bring back one dinosaur, which one would it be?

Now, the idea of being back any given dinosaur is interesting, but have we not seen this movie?! Granted, we’re talking about one type of dino here, but one could be bad enough?

I’m assuming a lot of people to answer this prompt went with ‘T-rex’, and it’s fair to say that would be a mistake, if you ask me. Forget the legendary biting power of the tyrannosaurus, the T-rex was also a large beast, and it might as soon crush you beneath its enormous feet as eat you.

Other dinosaurs might seem like good candidates, but would they really be wise creatures to bring back? The triceratops was a herbivore, so it’s harmless, right? Well, for starters, they would be much larger than the average human (in fact, they’d be larger than a lot of cars), and secondly, any wild animal can potentially be dangerous, especially if startled, or defending its young. Any large dinosaur (picture the truly huge brachiosaurus) would be dangerous, evening without intending to be, due to their sheer bulk.

So, do we resurrect small dinosaurs? All well and good, but a lot of those were scavengers, that would likely prey upon our cats, dogs, and perhaps even children! That’s to say nothing of how they might upend local eco-systems, or simply create a huge mess by tearing up bin bags. Bad enough that foxes (and cats) do that in my neck of the woods, let alone a horde of scavenging dinos…

In the end, as much as I like dinosaurs, I can’t make a compelling case to bring back any of them. Sorry!

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