Writing Prompts: What am I Working On?

What have you been working on?

Welcome to the first Writing Prompt post of 2024! As you have already gathered, the daily series of posts has come to an end, but that doesn’t mean this series is over.

What have I been working on? As a lot of you have gathered, I write stories, and I have been working on two stories over the past few months.

One is the sequel to The Awakening, and I have been inching along with this one, to the point where the first draft is almost complete. The other story, which is is a coming-of-age adventure story under the working title of Fontana and Istilor, is at around 45,000 words, and coming along nicely. I have also made some tentative beginnings of a third story, which is as yet untitled. Each story is quite unique, which I am quite pleased with. I have dipped my toes into different genres and ideas, and I may yet do that again, should I attempt to rewrite my raunchy Rome story! If I do, should I tone down the sex scenes? Nah!

What I am conscious of is putting too much on my plate at any given time. Alongside writing, I have full-time work in the form of bathroom sales, and until such a point where my income from writing comfortably exceeds my income from bathroom sales, I won’t be giving up my day job! In fact, I probably wouldn’t give up my day job anyway, because two good sources of income would surely be better than one. To work full-time and devote time to multiple stories would be supremely challenging. It’s been tough enough writing two stories, though my brain has more or less demanded I put pen to paper with Fontana and Istilor.

With luck, I’ll have at least one new story published come the end of the year, and if I am really lucky, two!

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