Writing Prompts: Do you play in your daily life? What says “playtime” to you?

We often associate ‘playtime’ as a children’s activity, but let’s be real, adults have our own forms of play. We have our own activities we make use of to de-stress and decompress. For me, video games are one method. I have extensively written about various games that I play, and have devoted a whole section of my site to the glory that is Nintendo.

Is that all I do to ‘play’?

Nope. I freely admit that I still like to play with my miniature model spaceships. I don’t do this often, but crafting scenarios in my head to then act out (albeit sometimes far more grim than they ever were as a kid!) can be a cathartic exercise for me. Writing stories – visualising characters, settings and scenes – is another method of ‘play’, in that it’s a mental effort, as well as a creative one.

Playtime – be it for kids or adults – ought to be an opportunity to relax. It should let you harness whatever stress you’ve been feeling, and send it out of you, via the fingertips. As long as your preferred forms of play do not impede someone else’s joy, go for it. Do what makes you happy. Do what helps you to unwind. It’s important for people to get that opportunity.

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