Writing Prompts: Passions

What are you passionate about?

If we’re talking casual interests, I can write you a fairly long list.

A screenshot from The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
person in black helmet
Photo by Otto Rascon on Pexels.com. Lord Vader is an icon of Star Wars.
Lewis Hamilton in his Mercedes F1 car.

I could go on. Star Trek, Doctor Who, The Lion King, Liverpool Football Club… these are all subjects of great personal interest to me. In most respects, these have been lifelong interests too. I know where my love of The Legend of Zelda began (it closely follows my love of all things Nintendo), I can pinpoint how I came to love Formula 1 and Liverpool FC, and I know how my love of Star Trek started. These passions of mine go back to my childhood, and my formative years. They’ve stuck with me, even though my interest in these various topics has ebbed and flowed with time.

It goes without saying that I am passionate about my family. My wife and daughter can have me run the full gauntlet of emotions, in the span of a day. Politics and social matters are hot-button topics for me, and I can get quite, ah, animated when discussing such things. In short, there are a great many topics I feel strongly about, and if you’ve followed this blog for any length of time, you’ll probably be aware of most of them!

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