Writing Prompts: Tardiness

Argh, I’m running late!

One of the traits I am trying to instil in my daughter is that being late for an appointment or trip is not a good look. Running late doesn’t tend to look good in the eyes of the person or persons you’re aiming to get to. It creates stress to try and make up time. It can lead to mistakes as you rush around to get out the door. I for one absolutely don’t like that anxiety-ridden feeling of knowing I have somewhere to be at a given time, and fearing I won’t make it on time.

Don’t get me wrong here, I fully understand how external factors can affect whether one is on time. I’ve been caught out in delays with trains, and other forms of transport. It’s frustrating when factors outside your control affect you, but these things happen. When you are the one in control, and your attitude renders you late, or worse, other people late, that’s when you look tardy. Being on time displays organisation, and respect for whomever you are meeting. It’s definitely the preferable look!

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