Writing Prompts: Was Today Typical?

Was today typical?

This is a more difficult question than it first appears. I am publishing this on the 13th of August (a Sunday). I am writing it on the 1st of August (a Tuesday). What day do I base my answer off?

Well, since it is not currently the 13th, I cannot speak for how typical that day is, so let’s base it off the 1st of August. Is it a typical day?

Pretty much. I got up at 6.30am, as I do on a work day where my daughter is not at school. I had a normal breakfast (cereal), had a cup of coffee, made myself some lunch, and headed out the door shortly after 7.30. I walked to work, as I always do, and was there within a few minutes (it’s handy to work such a short distance from home!). Being the first to arrive, I opened up the store, boiled the kettle, and made another coffee for myself, as well as one for my colleague. At 8am we were officially open for business, and my colleague and I dealt with a few queries, chased up some customers, and generally speaking, performed admin duties.

In many ways, the day could not have been more typical, however it ended on an atypical note. A late customer came in, looked around, asked a few questions, and at first, indicated he wanted to place an order. In the end, I got out of work slightly over an hour late, and with no order, though to be fair, it’s highly likely he will place an order, and to give the customer his due, he was a very polite, nice guy, the sort of customer you don’t mind going out of your way to help. I wound up getting home shortly before 7, when usually I’d be home by 5.50. Ah well!

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