The Retail Rules


Rule 1 – control your bloody kids! Earlier today a couple came in with their two young daughters. From the instant their kids entered the shop they decided the place was a playground. It’s not. It would have been nice if the parents could have actually done more than meekly tell their kids to stop, but they didn’t, so their kids didn’t. When dealing with expensive shower enclosures, ceramic products and brassware, this can be a recipe for disaster. How nothing was broken I will never know.

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  1. I’m right there with you! I know if a shop employee dared to tell the kids to stop the parents would have flipped their lid, telling the employee not to discipline their precious babies. Then, if one of the kids got hurt, it would obviously be the store’s fault. *rolls eyes*

      1. Holy crap, are you kidding me?! They would have absolutely lost their heads on you/the employees if they’d fallen & broken their arm or leg too, I’m sure!

        Seriously, people should have to take a test & some courses before having kids. Or, at least, bringing their kids out in public. 🙁

          1. Oh I’m sure she would be bored. That’s probably why the kids were using the stuff as they were using it. But, sometimes parents have to do shopping & they have to bring their children. That’s understandable too.

            What boggles my mind is parents seeing their kids act like hooligans & not doing anything about it.

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