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Lies, Slander and the Despicable

Lies, Slander and the Despicable

I provide the above link because I’m mentioned in it, as I’m apparently a ‘pro-CBS troll’ for urging Abdins to not listen to the cowards and liars. Liars like Doomcock, for example, who, among others, has pushed Abdins into a lawsuit that could ruin him financially, despite having already lost one such suit.

There is no case to answer. CBS have been found not guilty as it were, yet the anti-DSC crowd have been almost hysterical in their bid to get Abdins to carry out further legal action, despite Abdins being the one who face all the risks and suffer all the consequences when such a case fails. It’s a mark of how Doomcock et al care only about destroying a show they don’t like, and if someone gets ruined in the process, that’s not their problem.

More troubling are the death threat claims. I am not about to suggest Abdins is lying about those. They serve as a reminder that both sides of this equation can be despicable. There is nothing to be gained from such behaviour, and it must stop. If we are to consider ourselves Trekkies, we need to pause for a moment and remember the ideals of the show. I am reminded of Batleth Babe’s article – and why it’s perhaps better to disengage from the haters.

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