‘Bounding’ into Clickbait

We all enjoy a bit of gossip. Don’t deny it, you at the back there – we all do. We all like a bit of intrigue. However, most of us are sensible enough to know that rumour and speculation isn’t much good if there isn’t anything substantial behind it. Spreading rumours to stir up trouble – and perhaps, to make money – isn’t a particularly decent thing to do.

So it’s questionable, to say the least, that the website Bounding into Comics keeps circulating rumours based on what be generously called ‘misconceptions’ from Twitter users. The latest rumour is that Alex Kurtzman, head of Star Trek projects at CBS, is about to be sacked. This (oft-repeated, oft-debunked) rumour comes from one ‘Divine Guardian’.


My belief is that Divine Guardian’s sources are imaginary. This is not the first time this rumour has cropped up (oddly enough, it proved not to be true then either, and oddly enough, Bounding into Comics were spreading this idea in June last year). Quite why they want to continue to spread ideas that have a history of not being accurate is beyond me, but I’d have to ask the authors of these articles why they’re plucking tweets, seemingly at random, to spin a particular narrative. Mind you, I shouldn’t be surprised of their behaviour – the same site labelled me a ‘pro-CBS’ troll for urging Anas Abdin to not be goaded by anti-DSC trolls into a bad course of action.

The author of this most recent rumour appears to be an out-and-out Trumper, and proud of it too, so spreading rumours and making assumptions based on conjecture and even lies… does not come as a surprise.

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