Month: February 2016

The Pantheon of the Gods!

I am feeling honoured. Soon I will be guest-writing for the Nudge Wink Report, a community of what I could best describe as witty banterers (yes, I made that word up, but I like it, so ner). Many thanks to Tom of Shouts from the Abyss and BlogDramedy of Upside of Sideways for the opportunity… Read more

Return of the King

Eleven and a half years ago, a few months after we met, my wife and I booked a weekend in London – a quiet hotel on a November weekend. I had no idea of the surprise she would spring upon me. Sitting on the corner of the bed, she produced an envelope and gave it… Read more

No Sir, you are Wrong

So you think you’re right do you, Mr customer? On Wednesday I had the dubious pleasure of once again dealing with the false and stupid mantra ‘the customer is always right’. This poisonous idea led a customer to expect that we compensate him for potential loss of earnings and fitter work. I mean, seriously?! There… Read more

The ‘other’ story of the Season

This morning I pondered the situation that Leicester City FC find themselves in, and I touched upon their remarkable season. Tonight, I’m looking at the other big story of the 2015/16 Premier League season – Chelsea. It’s not unheard of for reigning champions to experience a downturn in fortunes, but the scale of Chelsea’s decline… Read more

Could They?

As the 2015/16 season rumbles on, this remarkable season took another twist on Saturday with league leaders Leicester City (yes, you read that right) beating challengers and fancied favourites Manchester City in their own backyard, moving six points clear of the blue half of Manchester (they are five points clear of Spurs and Arsenal, who… Read more

Gee, thanks for nothing!

The title aptly sums up the working day I’ve had. Today has been a case of running to simply stand still. It began with a refund, which immediately put me on the back foot. From there, I enjoyed a decent enough sale… And from that point onward, it was bitty enquiry all the way home…. Read more


Bear with me here. I have many reasons for the title of this post, though even as I type the words I find myself in a bit of a whirl, and I am trying to focus my efforts here. For Christmas my wife got for me a book about the history of Ancient Rome. So… Read more