I don’t like Sweetcorn (or random facts)

1. I don’t like sweetcorn. Never been especially fond of it, but as I’ve gotten older I actually like it even less. I’ll forego an entire sandwich if I discover sweetcorn in it.

2. I have double-jointed thumbs.

3. My hair might as well be an independent lifeform.

4. I’ve had my photo taken with William Shatner. It was a proud moment!

5. Roast lamb is the pinnacle of roast dinners.

6. I would describe myself as politically centre-left.

7. If I were to say I loathe Manchester United it would be an understatement.

8. Most of my accents sound nothing like what I’m aiming for.

9. I can stuff a lot of marshmellows into my mouth.

10. As much as I dislike sweetcorn, I detest mushrooms. They look bad, smell worse, have a dreadful texture and taste vile.

12. I prefer a real book in my hands rather than an ebook.

13. Wasps are horrible creatures.

14. Ales beat lagers in most circumstances.

15. I like Marmite.

16. Bananas are my favourite fruit.

17. As a kid I had a recurring dream about a giant hand reaching into a tunnel that I was in and taking me away. I usually woke up just as I was being grabbed.

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