Gee, thanks for nothing!

The title aptly sums up the working day I’ve had. Today has been a case of running to simply stand still.

It began with a refund, which immediately put me on the back foot. From there, I enjoyed a decent enough sale… And from that point onward, it was bitty enquiry all the way home.

Some of it might well lead to further sales – in fact, I’m almost sure of it – but one woman decided to faff around for ages, uncertain of what she wanted and unable to take suggestions. In the midst of all this the phone rang virtually nonstop – here’s a hint: if I don’t answer it the first couple of times, immediately ringing back another twenty or so times isn’t likely to suddenly make me unbusy.

The enquiry-driven nature of the day culminated with one customer outstaying his welcome (he was still faffing about ten minutes after I was meant to close), and I foolishly decided to respond to the voicemail – big mistake. The end result? I eventually left work nearly 40 minutes after I should have, all because today, people were seemingly more concerned with being counterproductive than actually working with me.

Stupid people.


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