Writing Prompts: What would I Change about Modern Society?

What would you change about modern society?

I can already smell the pushback from this one.

My chief change? I’d end the culture of greed. I’ve written countless times on how there’s enough resources out there to help prevent poverty and starvation. Within the UK alone, there’s enough in the bank to provide everyone with a decent wage, and to fix our broken services, but because the rich wish to hang onto every last penny, we see zero movement forward with the country’s most pressing problems. Greed is what has led us to water companies pumping our rivers, lakes and beaches with untreated sewage, because they placed pleasing shareholders ahead of upgrading infrastructure, and now the British taxpayer is staring down the barrel of increased water prices, because the companies perfectly fair to make the public fix the mess the companies made.

When profit is the chief motivation, corners get cut (the failings that led to the dreadful Hatfield rail crash are proof enough of that). Greed is ugly. There is no need for it in the 21st Century.

Lest people moan that I am saying no one should be able to make money, I will state what I have stated on many occasions. I am not advocating for abolishing billionaires or millionaires. I am saying these wealthy people, and the huge, very wealthy businesses out there, can pay fair wages, contribute more in terms of tax, and still be very rich. People like Musk and Bezos could double the wages of their poorest workers, and remain billionaires. There’s no excuse for poverty in today’s world.

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