Writing Prompts: Valentine’s Day

Are you a hopeless romantic? Is Valentine’s Day an overly commercialised holiday, taking advantage of people? Is it a day devoted to that most chaotic of emotions, love? Is it bawdy? Is it sickly? Is it somewhere in-between? In my house, Valentine’s Day is not wildly celebrated, save for the offerings of cards, chocolates, maybe flowers, and probably alcohol. I would be lying if I said the man in me wasn’t hoping for something else as well…

The thing is, my wife and I have been together for nearly 20 years. We’ve had our romantic moments, and I dare say we’ll have more in the future, but I am not especially good at that sort of stuff, and I’d prefer not to make a fool of myself by getting it wrong. The usual fare of flowers, chocolates and wine is mundane, but it expresses what I feel, namely love. I hope my wife knows that I love her. At times I drive her mad, at times she drives me mad, and on still other occasions we drive each other mad at the same time, but here we are, nearly 20 years after we first met, and nearly 15 years married. Somewhere along the line, I must have done some romance stuff, right?

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