Writing Prompts: Gambling

Have I written about gambling before? It doesn’t appear so, so here we go!

Gambling is not something I have ever been particularly interested in (unless you count the occasional lottery ticket), as I do not consider myself particularly lucky. The exception to this rule would be the bingo that we won on holiday last year, that resulted in a weekend break to a log cabin. The bingo was free to enter, but if it had required an investment on my part, with no guarantee of getting anything back… I might have hesitated.

You see, gambling is all about ‘what if’, and that powerful notion has led many people astray down the years. ‘What if the next roll of the dice is in my favour?’ It could be, but then again, it could easily not be, and if you’ve rolled it a dozen times without a favourable outcome, how many more times can you afford to roll? I have on some very rare occasions been down to a local dog-racing stadium, and had a few flutters, but I’ve never spent loads, as I never understood the appeal of sinking large amounts of money into the chance of winning more.

With casinos, it is often said the odds are weighted in favour of the house, so to win big requires either a lot of luck, or a patient understanding of the game. I am not lucky and I am not patient! With sports bets, you might be able to make a bit of money off something predictable (such as Mo Salah scoring goals in the Premier League), but to make big money you need to place a fairly steep bet on something with long odds, and that is too big a gamble for my liking!

I’m not going to tell you not to gamble. If you get a thrill from it, and you are sensible enough to do it in moderation, then you go for it. If you make a mistake from it, hopefully you’ll learn from it. It is not for me.

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