Writing Prompts: Truth vs. Lie

So, I will present two scenarios. One of them true, and one of them isn’t.

  1. As a kid, I once went to that famous London department store, Harrods, with my mum and dad and brother. We did not buy anything! It was however, quite fascinating to look around, and gain a feel for how the other half live. Harrods is filled with items of various natures, and it’s all geared up to be premium quality, for a premium price! Whilst looking around, we noticed a celebrity. At the time of our visit, the original series of The Crystal Maze (a game show that had various tasks for teams to complete, through a series of unique zones) was quite popular, and something we watched every week. Weaving past the show’s host, Richard O’Brien, was unexpected, but we did not stop to bother him. An attendant was with him, and he appeared to be buying furniture, though I don’t quite remember what.
  2. You don’t expect to run into famous people in my little corner of Essex, but from time to time, you do. There is a band, Depeche Mode, who are originally from Basildon, and it would seem they have ties to the area, for one afternoon, with my daughter at school, my wife and I, whilst heading to the cinema, passed into a local Greggs for a coffee. I didn’t recognise Dave Gahan, as I am not especially familiar with Depeche Mode, but my wife tugged at my arm in a small moment of delirium. Mr Gahan was also getting a coffee, and it did not seem right to disturb him, but he shared a knowing smile with the wife, in no small part due to her obvious recognition of him!

I will leave it to you, the reader, to determine which of these stores is a lie!

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