Writing Prompts: What are your traditions?

I don’t really have what I would consider to be traditions. I mean, do we celebrate Christmas in our house? Yes, albeit it’s the gift giving and receiving part, and the decorations, and the food and family part, rather than the religious aspect. I guess you could call that a traditional Christmas, so to immediately quash my original answer, I do follow at least one tradition. It is not so much a ‘national’ tradition, in the sense that it’s an official thing, and nor is it a religious function, but it’s something a lot of families do, mine included.

I don’t tend to follow ‘official’ traditions. It may be traditional to perform any given function on any given day, but that’s not me. I also don’t buy into ‘traditional’ values (in the sense that I am pro-LGBT rights, pro-feminism, and anti-racism, to some it’s ‘traditional’ to segregate the sexes, deny same-sex couples any rights, and separate the races).

There is this idea that you can slap the word ‘traditional’ ahead of an old idea, and it suddenly becomes worth more. That doesn’t wash with me. Whether a notion, or a custom, or a practice is worthy of my attention is dependent upon the quality of those things, rather than their age. Some old-fashioned ideas should be confined to the dustbin of history, yet some of them persist. Others will have merit. Likewise, new ideas can sometimes revolutionise our lives for the better, and sometimes, they’re not so good.

I’ve sort of waffled, and digressed, as I so often do.

My personal traditions… um… I don’t know. I really don’t. I celebrate Christmas, I sort of partake in the giving and receiving of Easter Eggs, and I take part in Halloween, but they aren’t so much personal traditions, as traditional stuff I take part in. There isn’t anything I can point to and say ‘that’s a personal ritual of mine’. I have a few OCD things I do, but I don’t think they qualify as traditions!

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