Writing Prompts: Share one of the best gifts you’ve ever received

Share one of the best gifts you’ve ever received.

This is easy. For the very first birthday that I shared with my wife, she bought me tickets to see The Lion King musical in London. I didn’t discover this until the day itself, for we had booked a hotel for Saturday evening in London, and in the process of being mucked around by the hotel (they confused our booking with another one of their hotels, elsewhere in London), she was getting somewhat anxious. When we were finally settled, she handed me an envelope, with the tickets inside. I was blown away, though I was rendered a bit anxious myself, when she told me the tickets were for that very evening!

The show was brilliant. It was unbelievably epic. I went into it as someone who believed the original movie could not be surpassed. I came out of believing the musical was in fact the best, most beautiful version of the story. Not by much, but nonetheless, I place it at the top.

Yes, I know the pic is from the film, I don’t have any pics from the musical stored on WordPress.

A close second to The Lion King is the 2013 British Grand Prix, that my father and I went to, thanks to my dear mum and my bro. As lifelong F1 fans, the chance to see the action up-close really was something else. The noise, the energy, the intensity of it all, it’s unreal, especially the noise. 22 F1 cars revving their V8 engines is something else. You want power? Here, you have it. I would love to experience it again.

So there you have it. The Lion King and Formula 1. Absolute perfection.

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