Writing Prompts: Favourite Shoes

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes, and where they’ve taken you.

I’m at a loss with this one. I cannot definitively say I have ever had a favourite pair of shoes. Shoes do not wow me. I know some people who regard shoe-shopping as a glorious, wonderful exercise, but I see it as a chore and a bore. I am the sort of person who will take about two minutes to pick a pair of shoes. If they fit, if they’re appropriate for work, that’s the criteria met. Boom, done. Same things applies for trainers and casual shoes. Do they fit? Yes. Done.

This has pretty much always been my preference for most forms of shopping. I love my mother dearly, but growing up, she had a tendency to drag my brother and I from shop to shop to shop. ‘It might be cheaper in the next shop’. This has left me loathing most forms of shopping. I do not like being behoved to someone else’s sense of time. I have said before that time is the most valuable commodity, and I don’t like having mine wasted. Get in, get done, get out. No wandering up and down aisles. No gently pondering products. I try to have a reasonable idea of what’s needed before heading out shopping, and ultimately, I prefer to shop online, which removes all the hassle completely.

Don’t forget, I work in a shop. Granted, it’s not a typical retail establishment, but I’ve worked in those too. When you work in retail, in any capacity, the last places you want to be dragged around are shops! I derive little-to-no joy in shopping. All my creature comforts are at home. About the only thing that I truly enjoy ‘shopping’ for is something to eat if I’m out and about. I don’t require a favourite form of footwear to do that.

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