Writing Prompts: Budgeting

Write about your approach to budgeting.

So, in the past, and especially prior to becoming a parent, it’s fair to say I had an inconsistent attitude to budgeting. I was never wildly reckless with my money, but I wasn’t as savvy with it as I could have been. At one stage, I had a fair bit of credit card debt to repay, and that took me years to clear, doing so piece-by-piece, whilst I lurched into the direction of trying to save as much as I could. As far as a structure went, there wasn’t one.

Nowadays, thanks in no small part to banking apps, I have a much tighter control over my finances. I try to avoid spending what I don’t have, but equally, I am not opposed to fun activities, such as cinema trips, or meals out. On each pay day, I work out what will go out, so I know what’s left to play with, so to speak. I could probably do a better job, but to give myself credit, I’m doing a much better job than I was managing 10 years ago.

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