Writing Prompts: Harmony

What could you let go of, for the sake of harmony?

I’m pretty sure we all quietly ignore something annoying, or grating, about our loved ones and friends, for the sake of getting along. To keep the peace, we’ll casually overlook say, messy eating, or an untidy desk, or some other habit, lest an argument break out. Life is easier that way.

Me? I snore. I know I do. I can’t help it. Sometimes I don’t; it depends upon, in particular, whether or not I have a cold, and whether or not hay-fever season is in full swing. My wife grumbles about this sometimes, but by-and-large, she turns a blind eye to it, because she knows I haven’t chosen to do it. That’s her way of ‘letting go’ of something irritating I do.

Once upon a time, I wanted a measure of fame and fortune (I still wouldn’t object to the latter!), but now, I want an easy, peaceful life, without stress. I can easily let go of a lot, to have that!

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