Writing Prompts: Radio

This prompt was suggested by my wife!

I cannot remember the last time that I personally put on the radio. When stuck in a five hour traffic jam with my regional manager, we listened to a bit of radio, but as it was his car, that was his choice. I have no idea when I last decided to tweak the knobs and fiddle with the dials.

As a teenager, I’d sometimes listen to the radio late at night. Usually, late-night love songs were playing, and they were easy to listen to. During my first stint in bathroom sales, we had local radio, which wasn’t too bad, though that depends entirely on your choice in music. My second stint with bathrooms initially saw the radio return, with lots of what could be defined as ‘smooth’ music, though once again, mileage will vary, opinion-wise. Since businesses are required to pay for a music licence, and in an era of increasing costs, my employer decided to end their arrangements, and now we have no music.

Radio has persevered. I suspect it will remain popular, because it’s easy. In a way, podcasts are radio shows, going to demonstrate that we’re quite happy to listen to others, without the requirement (or perhaps burden, depending on your perspective) of watching.

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