The Liar

Oh look, nothing behind the eyes of this vacant liar

Recently, former Prime Minister Boris Johnson was called to speak before a committee, on the subject of whether or not he intentionally misled Parliament regarding illicit parties at No.10 Downing Street. Johnson insists he did not deliberately mislead Parliament, but lying is as natural as breathing for him. Johnson has twice been sacked for lying, so why would it be a surprise for him to be lying yet again?

One of his excuses (and one which does not wash with many) is that the parties were ‘necessary’. He felt it was necessary to reward departing staff members for their hard work. Now, in different circumstances, I might actually agree, except for millions beyond the realm of Downing Street who would have been fined thousands of pounds for carrying out any similar action.

Whilst lockdown measures were in force, having glasses of wine and getting boozy cannot be considered ‘essential’ work. Who else was able to hold such events? The fact is, Boris Johnson broke his own rules, and then lied about it, because one indelible trait of Boris Johnson is that he is a liar. History demonstrates this. I believe this committee will demonstrate this. Should he lose his seat as an MP as a result, then hurrah! Granted, he may well win it back in the resulting by-election, but for a time at least, he will be out of the Commons, a place he never deserved to be at in the first place. We can only hope he not only loses his seat, but fails to win it back. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

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